Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems

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When we think of the economy, we usually think in material terms. We think of money to supply us with physical comforts. We think in terms of comfortable homes, fast cars, expensive jewelry and elegant fashions.

To be truly comfortable we need to look after our spiritual selves. We are primarily spiritual beings that have bodies for the short time we dwell on this earth. Although we live in the physical earth and our bodies need a certain amount of comfort, we are not of the physical. If we neglect our spiritual selves we become spiritually weak and materialistic. The serious illness, greed, sets in and makes us do many things that are harmful to our spiritual nature. If it continues we become spiritually dead. A body without spirit is dead although it may appear to be alive. It becomes evil, for it is lacking in goodness. It becomes dark, for it is lacking in light. It becomes blind to spiritual benefits.

When the physically dead are brought back to life, we consider it a miracle. The physical is the realm of limitations. Physical elements are defined by limits. They are limited to a physical space. Their ability to move is defined by such limits as speed, distance and direction. Physical life is determined by years of existence. The animal body starts life at a given time and must die at another time. When life is restored to a dead body, it will die again.

The greater miracle is when the spiritually dead receive life. The spiritual is not a realm of limitations. Spiritual life is for eternity. The spirit is not limited to a physical space. It can move about without limitations of speed, distance or direction.

When we consider the spiritual implications of our economy, we need to think beyond the physical limits of the lives of our bodies. We need to consider what will bring spiritual comfort as well as physical comfort. We must think beyond what is good for the individual and be sure all our actions are conducive to the betterment of all mankind. If we amass wealth at the expense of others, that hurts our spiritual selves. When we do things that will benefit others, we are building up our souls. Physical wealth is in the realm of limitations and it will not benefit us beyond this world, but when we build up spiritual attributes, they will benefit us for eternity.

Unfortunately many will deny the existence of their spiritual nature. The spiritually dead are so far removed from their real nature that they see only their animal form. For these ones, self gratification is the only purpose of life. The are limited to the physical elements and believe it will be all over when they die. Although these ones are totally blind to the spiritual realm, God is able to show even them the benefits of helping others.

Throughout history we see evidence of how greed has hurt the economy and been a great disadvantage even to the greedy. The injury of one part of society is felt by all of society. In "Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems," I will show how working towards the betterment of mankind will benefit the materialist as well as the spiritualist.

Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems

"The Pain of the little finger is felt by the whole body."

"What is good for the individual is what is good for all."

These are well known modern proverbs, but do we really believe them? We seem to be living in an age of materialism and greed. People boast in that they can afford more than they need and frequently waste food and resources while others do without. One segment of society is starving to death and another is eating itself to death. Never before has obesity been so frequent and live threatening. This is a sign that individuals need spiritual enlightenment in order to survive. When we selfishly make up our own rules, we not only hurt others, but we hurt ourselves. We must regard humanity as a single body and, when any individual part of that body is in pain, we all feel it.

A human is primarily a spiritual being. He lives to worship a god. When he denies the One True God, he is subject to following the dictates of a false god. That false god is of his own making and it is very difficult to inform him of his error. When someone makes up a god, he sees that god as ideal. Whatever his wishes, his god agrees with him. All his wants, ideals and philosophies are upheld by his made up god. When he wrongs others, his god supports him. When he goes to war, his god is on his side. This false spirituality, far from being constructive, is very destructive. When we seek spiritual enlightenment, we need to seek the One True God. The one that was and is and ever shall be.

Throughout the ages, mankind has taken aspects of true religion and molded it to his own liking. He takes the aspects that he likes and adds his own desires. Thus we have a semi-false god that has aspects of the True God, but the Divine Teachings are distorted to support corrupt ideals. Thus, during the days of slavery, the slaveholding Christians upheld the cruelty and immorality of slavery as a part of the Christian teachings and any who opposed them were regarded as being un-Christian. The distortion of True Religion has caused more difficulties than false religion. Arguments of "who is right?" have confused the general public to the point that they reject all religion and therefore deny their own spiritual identity.

Thus, with religion out of the way, a place is left for a false god to grow. Not even recognized as a god, these false ideals take on a sense of reality that is hard to shake off. The false teachings become the norm of society and no one questions their authenticity. Harsh attributes are given less harsh labels and no one suspects they are being led astray. The self is set up as a god and what pleases the self is justified. Wealth is desired and whatever must be done to achieve wealth is legitimized. Others may be hurt but self is exalted. Greed becomes known as ambition and becomes the energy that drives the economy. Self-interest prevails at the expense of the common good, but what are we to do? The economy would collapse if individuals did not strive to acquire more things.

Buy; buy; buy; We must consume or the economy would come to a screeching halt. We are filling up the garbage dumps by purchasing items that are doomed to be replaced within a few short years or less. The producer knows that well made products will not be replaced as quickly. To keep the economy active we must produce garbage. This is bad for the environment and bad for the consumer, but the self-interest of the producers, wholesalers and retailers is achieved. Just ignore that little finger and the pain will go away.

This does not work because the pain of the little finger will not go away. If ignored the ailment will fester and spread. When the infection spreads into vital organs, it can cause the body to die. Yet those elements infected with the virus of greed continue on unaware of their own best interest. What is good for the body is what keeps all parts of the body healthy.

I will show, in "Spiritual Solutions to Economic Problems," how such errors have hurt us in the past and are hurting us now. If nothing is done about it, the body of mankind will continue to ail until it dies. Although the little finger may be hurting, the disease is far worse. The body is banging its head against a brick wall and doesn't even realize it is hurting itself. We will see how past actions have been devastating to all and then examine what we are doing now and how we can make it better.

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